Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

This stuff really surprised me. The reviews arent that great on amazon, and a number of beauty blogs.

I give it 4 stars.

Some reviewers saw nail weakness and flaking. I have extremely hard nails and thought if I found my nails weaker then it was a bad product. So far no weakness in a month of using but I will keep trying and update the post!

Reviews also stated a long dry time, chipping quickly and peeling. I do think the dry time is long. Sally Hansen, I find, has a longer dry time than most. I am very pleased with the lack of chipping and peeling in my application. Peeling usually comes from thick coats. I’m pretty rough with my hands and this is the wear and tear after 4 days:


My polish rarely lasts 2 days if that. So this has been a good experience so far.

If you can find the 2 pack, it’s cheaper but you are limited to a few colors. The cheapest way I can find to buy right now is at Bed Bath and Beyond. Buy 2, and a pack of cotton balls for $1 and use the $5 off of $15 coupon.


Happy polishing!

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