Girl Expo 2015 Overview

Thank you so much everyone for attending one of my sessions at Girl Expo 2015! What an amazing group of girls you are! Here is some information to follow up on everything I discussed from products, videos and helpful websites to refer to.

Skin Care Session:

This website has a lot of great advice on acne and discusses the 3 step process like I had:

Makeup and Skincare gurus to follow on YouTube:

Wayne Goss Makeup Artist

Michelle Phan 

Julia Graf

Some of the homemade recipes I discussed and others shared:

Egg White Mask

Aspirin Mask 

Lemon & Sugar Scrub – for face and body(try if you don’t have any active breakouts)

Others were a band-aid Neosporin overnight and a natural peppermint toothpaste.

Remember your face likes to be sterile and doesn’t like anything touching it – I know it’s hard! So keeping towels, sheets, pillow cases and makeup brushes extra clean.


That was the quickest I had ever done a zombie! What a fun challenge!

Products I used were regular every day makeup, washable glue and pantry blood. I used a concealer 3 shades lighter than your skin, shaded in cheeks, temples, under the jaw and parts of the forehead with dark shadow. Shadow colors used were a dark red, blue, brown and black. Also try some green. Crush up shadow and mix with your foundation if you want to be a green or grey zombie. Shading tip: feel your face and refer to a skull picture to know where to shade.

I didn’t get to show you the splatter trick so I’ll like a how-to video below.

Here are some YouTube videos to watch and don’t forget to practice!

Petrilude Zombie  – he uses latex but you can use washable glue stick as well! If you’re not sensitive to latex, my favorite is Ben Nye.

Covering your brows with a glue stick!

Simple Zombie

Splatter Effect

Here is the info for my Dead Set Zombie Kit:

Dead Set

The paint in this kit is a 3 ingredient all natural cream makeup. Also included is the delicious blood you sampled, glue, tissue for skin and the tools you need for application. Available on Etsy for $15!

Feel free to message me anytime with questions. I’m happy to help with any of your skincare and zombie needs! I hope everyone had a wonderful time at Girl Expo 2015.

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