December 23


And any toys your cat flings in the tree.

There are tons of snowflake patterns online ranging from simple to complex. I did the Star Wars snowflakes a few years back and they came out AMAZING. The printable templates are definitely helpful, but there are a lot you can sketch on and create your own once you get the hang of it.


Four squares cut from a square made from an 8.5×11


Fold a square in half.


Then in half again.


Fold into thirds. This took me a few tries…


Cut it’s little feet off. 


Draw on your pattern.


Cut. The smaller squares are kind of harder to cut. 


Unfold and flatten out. You can also iron between two sheets of paper if needed. 

So simple and pretty! Even the basic ones are pretty. I would love a whole tree full of just paper snowflakes. Maybe next year!

See you tomorrow on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!

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