New House: Master Bed and Closet. Before and During

Here she is. In all of her 1961 glory.

Our plan for this house is to update everything but keep the charm of a 60s house. The rooms are fairly large and open, but we plan to open it up even more and add another bed and bath. We will add some much needed lighting throughout. The exterior will get a face lift and the back yard will get some hardscaping. The existing bathrooms will stay the same since they are incredibly 60s and currently updating the grout and caulk. It’s a dream and a vision that will keep us busy for years to come!

Although we’ve made quite a bit of headway, the After pictures won’t be appearing in the near future. The journey so far has been exhausting, frustrating, expensive, and at the same time, incredible and rewarding. I’ll start with all of the Before pictures from the listing and the floor plan.

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floor plan

The pre move-in checklist: Clean, rip out carpets, paint master, paint master closet (office), replace light fixtures, clean, get dryer, remove window treatments, install shelving unit in master closet, clean, get a room ready for the cat.

I started with the carpets and painting the master bedroom and closet.

Master Before:





Master During:

Master Currently:

We still need to add some decor but this room is the closest to being complete. In here we ripped out the carpet, updated electrical, updated light fixtures, replaced the wall vent, painted (Benjamin Moore Old Navy and Behr White) and added our old curtains. We need new curtains that are a little longer, closet system, area rug and eventually a new frame.

On to the master closet (what was the office).




In here we just added a temporary closet system and painted the builtins (Benjamin Moore Old Navy). The builtins took about 4 coats with one coat of primer. I should have had the primer tinted but they still came out amazing. I have some touch ups to do along the mouldings and side. I was going to get new gold hardware but I really like how the old hardware looks on blue.

I want to add a small island in here and add some shelves in the small closet. Closet within a closet… closetception… We still need a new light fixture, a makeup mirror, storage for shoes, and updated electical.

This will eventually have a door to the future bedroom, the washer and dryer, and a custom closet system.

I’ll keep this short(ish) and sweet with only two rooms. There is plenty more to share so come back soon to see some more before and durings!

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