December 25



Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and family. With half our lives in storage and a handful of my craft supplies, I still got me tree and filled it with adorable recycled bits. And it got me posting every day!

Most of the decorations will be recycled but a new I will keep – especially the little book!

Since I only had white paper, Christmas Day let me add some color to my tree with bows, ribbons and tags from gifts. And Lucy cat added her few decorations too…

I hope you enjoyed these crafts and stay tuned for some upcoming beauty videos, crafts, and more in the New Year!

December 24


Happy Christmas Eve! You didn’t think I could forget the angel, could you?? This is so so simple and very little cutting. Just lots of folding! And a little gluing.


Accordion fold a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper lengthwise.


Fold in half.


Glue together to make her skirt.


Accordion fold an 8.5 x 11 width-wise.


Pinch in the center and either glue, staple or tie together. I went with tying.


Hot glue her wings to her skirt. 


Take one of those scraps you probably have 20 of that were left over from making a square out of a sheet of paper. 


Cut into quarters. You only need one quarter. 


Accordion fold that as small as you can. 


Glue together to make a small medallion. 


Hot glue in the nook of her wings. 

Then add to the top of your tree! You may need to make a cone or use some string to tie onto the tree. If you have a fake one, you can bend the branches to hold her into place.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas Eve! I’ll post my completed tree tomorrow!

December 22


“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see” – Conductor, The Polar Express


Start with a small rectangular scrap.


Cut pieces from the corners to scoop out the edges.


Write or print on another piece of paper so you can trace with a hole poker. 


Start poking. I used a very large safety pin on top of a mouse pad.


Using a smaller pin or needle, poke around the edges as a border. 


Clean up the larger holes if needed by re poking and flattening the hole flaps in the back. 

Add your ribbon and hang! Make tickets for each word if you’d like.  And always, always believe.

December 21


From wreath to igloo! Just like the paper ball wreaths, this is just a stacked version. With a little door.


Put on a movie! This one takes a little longer.


Cut up strips. A ton of them. Probably a page and a half. These are cut at 1/4″ strips on the 8.5″ side. Then tear them in half and ball up tightly.


Trace a small circle like a cup or a small candle. 


Add a little door block and cut out.


Start gluing. 


And gluing. Stacking like bricks as you go. Slowly start to push the balls in the higher you get so it domes. 


Glue and dome. Leave the door for last.


Once you’re about here, start on the door.


Put on another movie if needed…


Start with about 2 deep and 2 straight up. 


Angle the next row then top with one. 


Now start filling in the rest of the roof. 


Floof around if you have some gaps. Add your ribbon and hang!

This would be so pretty around the blue bulbs if you have colored lights. It would also be pretty without a base and with a faux tealight underneath! My husband pointed out I didn’t put anything inside and well, I forgot. So I’ll find an army man or dinosaur to put in there. Hope you enjoyed snow balling!

December 20

Another video for you! I can’t believe there are only 5 days left until CHRISTMAS!!!! Enjoy!

December 18

20171216_091304 (1)This is cute for anything! You can write a Christmas story, a letter to Santa or a Christmas wish in a tiny little notebook.

Start by making a square then quartering the square. I cut up 3 sheets of paper to make 12 squares.

Cut 5 of those qurters in half. These are your pages and will make 10 pages.

Fold the half in half lengthwise.

Fold in half.

Fold each open end to the creased end to make an M (or W) accordion fold. Do that with all 10 pages.

Line the pages up alternating between M and W open ends up.

Slide the right leg of your M into the left leg of the W. This creates a bigger accordion.

Do that with all 10 pages.

Take a new square and fold in half.

And again.

Wrap around your pages, pinching the spine to create crease marks on the corners.

Fold and pinch to crease mark the other end as well. You will fold the flaps in.

Take off and view crease marks. Fold spine marks to crease more.

Fold the open ends inward from the crease mark.

Insert one end if the book cover flap into a page to hold in place. Wrap book cover around and repeat on the other side.

It will hold on its own but may flare out. Squish to crease more. Or wrap a string around! You can now decorate and write in your mini book!

December 17


A miniature present you can open! This has a lot of steps and there are a ton of great tutorials out there if you need to see a video.

First, make a square from an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

paper square

You will only need two of the small quarters so this would make two gift boxes.


1. Fold in half.


2. Unfold then fold each side to the creased center line. 


3. Make sure your fold lines are crisp. 


4. Unfold everything and repeat on the opposite side. Fold in half, then each side to the center line. 




6. Unfold everything again then fold corners to center.


7. Unfold two corners.


8. Fold edge the edges up to the center line. Make sure the corner doesn’t slip out or buckle.  


9. Repeat on both sides and then unfold everything, 


10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the other side but don’t unfold everything. 


11. Open up the two sides. 


12. Buckle the angled crease lines in. This will pop the other sides up. 


13. It’s poppin’


14. Let it fold into itself and bring up the sides. This will fold over into the box. 


15. Pinch, crease and fold the flap over and into the box. 


16. Repeat on other side. 

Repeat all the steps for the second square of paper and you will have a top and bottom.


Add a bow or ribbon if you’d like!


December 16


These are amazing decor for any occasion, not just for your tree! Keep cutting those strips because you will want to make these in every size.


For this size sphere, I cut a sheet of paper into 3/4″ x 8.5″ strips. 


Dab glue onto the ends and glue together to make a circle.


Start with crossing two circles. Glue the ends and insert one circle into the other. Glue both the top and bottom points where they meet. 


Keep adding circles until you have the desired amount you want. 


Squish the top and bottom to get glue on the bottom of each crossing point. 


Ta Da! 

I went with a symmetrical look but these look really good messy, uneven, and with different sized strips intermingled within one sphere. So mod! So easy!

December 15



Cut a sheet of paper into strips. These are 3/4″ strips. 


Stack the strips and fold in half. Glue or staple the fold in place. If gluing, use a small amount just in the center. 


Add a dab of glue to the end of each strip and loop to the center. Hot glue, glue stick or double sided tape will work best. 


Loop and glue until all strips are looped and glued. 

So easy! Try with shorter strips, thinner strips, colors and ribbons. Perfect for the tree or on top of a gift!

December 14


Part xylophone, part tree. A symphony of fun!


Cut paper lengthwise in a variety of widths. The first 5 should be the whole 11 inch length. The top tiers, use half of the length (5.5″)


Fold each strip in half but only crease the corner to mark the center of the width of each strip. 


Cut each strip from the corner to the top center where you marked with a crease. It doesn’t have to be perfect so scissors will work fine too!



For the top tiers, use a 5.5″ strip and cut by hand. 


Roll all of your strips into paper beads and finish ends with glue. If you’re having trouble keeping the bead tight, add glue as you roll. 


Roll the teeny tiny ones as tight as you can! They are the tedious ones. 


Use a string, Popsicle stick, or strip of paper as your trunk and glue beads on from smallest to largest.


Trim off any excess trunk from the bottom and add your ribbon to hang. 

This is really pretty with magazine or printed paper. Play with different widths, trunks and paper to have a forest of recycled trees! From tree to tree!