December 5


From diamonds to snowflakes, these are simple, dimensional and elegant. Try in a variety of sizes for both separate diamonds and to make a full snowflake.


Fold an 8.5×11 sheet of paper to create a square.


Cut off extra bit.


Fold the square into quarters. (lines only drawn for reference)


Cut along fold lines into smaller squares.


Fold each square in half to make a triangle. You will cut from the folded side of the paper towards the center careful not to cut all the way to the center. Cut along dotted lines and keep solid line intact.



Once open, it should look like this,


Fold the center towards you and glue together.


Flip over.


Take the next row and glue those together.


Flip over. Glue the last two pieces together. That’s it for just a 3D Diamond! Continue reading to learn how to make into a snowflake.


Make 5 more diamonds to have a total of 6 diamonds. First, glue two diamonds together at the bottom. 


Glue one more diamond onto the two. Repeat to make another set of 3. 


Put a bit of glue on the center and pinch together. 


Your snowflake is now complete! These look great in different colors and sizes. Let it snow! 

25 Days of Christmas

Paper Ornaments Edition!

DSC01609_20171128112232547 (1)

My husband and I recently sold our condo in Vermont and moved down to North Carolina! An opportunity came very quickly so we ended up renting for a year while we get adjusted to a new location and can house hunt at our leisure.

Most of our things are in storage. Pretty much everything but the necessities – including ALL of the Christmas stuff. Sigh. We found our tiny tree in the front of the storage unit soooo I convinced Ryan to put up a small tree. I stared at a naked tree until I though of something – paper ornaments! We have a half a ream of copy paper, my glue gun and the internet. Perfect!

Come along with me in my journey of filling a tree with only paper ornaments!