December 17


A miniature present you can open! This has a lot of steps and there are a ton of great tutorials out there if you need to see a video.

First, make a square from an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

paper square

You will only need two of the small quarters so this would make two gift boxes.


1. Fold in half.


2. Unfold then fold each side to the creased center line. 


3. Make sure your fold lines are crisp. 


4. Unfold everything and repeat on the opposite side. Fold in half, then each side to the center line. 




6. Unfold everything again then fold corners to center.


7. Unfold two corners.


8. Fold edge the edges up to the center line. Make sure the corner doesn’t slip out or buckle.  


9. Repeat on both sides and then unfold everything, 


10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the other side but don’t unfold everything. 


11. Open up the two sides. 


12. Buckle the angled crease lines in. This will pop the other sides up. 


13. It’s poppin’


14. Let it fold into itself and bring up the sides. This will fold over into the box. 


15. Pinch, crease and fold the flap over and into the box. 


16. Repeat on other side. 

Repeat all the steps for the second square of paper and you will have a top and bottom.


Add a bow or ribbon if you’d like!


25 Days of Christmas

Paper Ornaments Edition!

DSC01609_20171128112232547 (1)

My husband and I recently sold our condo in Vermont and moved down to North Carolina! An opportunity came very quickly so we ended up renting for a year while we get adjusted to a new location and can house hunt at our leisure.

Most of our things are in storage. Pretty much everything but the necessities – including ALL of the Christmas stuff. Sigh. We found our tiny tree in the front of the storage unit soooo I convinced Ryan to put up a small tree. I stared at a naked tree until I though of something – paper ornaments! We have a half a ream of copy paper, my glue gun and the internet. Perfect!

Come along with me in my journey of filling a tree with only paper ornaments!