Zombie Makeup Class

I’ll be bringing the blood back to Girl Expo 2016 in Bedford NH! Hope to see you there!

Visit my site after 10/8/16 for a recap and instructions on how to look like a zombie!

Custom Rubber Stamps

I needed a stamp of myself as a zombie. I Googled “custom rubber stamp” and clicked on the first site linked. When I uploaded the picture I wanted on the stamp, I wasn’t sure how detailed it would come out. The preview was the exact picture I uploaded. I was also skeptical since I hadn’t researched custom stamps much (only the top 5 sites in the search) but this was the best site I had found for what I was looking for regarding size, production time and cost. Rubberstamps.net exceeded my expectations and I will be using them for all of my custom stamp needs!


To edit my image, I used pixlr.com and used the PIXLR EDITOR (the option on the left). These are the instructions I found on how to make on of my pictures look like a coloring page: How To Make a Coloring Book